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Thread: RTA, a blooded nose!

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    RTA, a blooded nose!

    I was driving back from fishing today between Chagford and Whiddon Down in Devon at a place called Venton straight, as the name implies, it's a long straight fast road.
    In the distance i saw a fallow doe jump through the hedge in front of a car followed by a fawn and then a big fallow buck, luckily the driver in front was deer aware and waited for the coast to clear and drove off.

    Just a few yards up the road in a dip i noticed a fawn lying in the opposite side of the road, cars were driving around it so i stopped the traffic and in the back of my mind was what did i have in my truck (a size 18 parachute adams wouldn't help!) to put it out of it's misery, but, as i approached it lifted it's head and i saw a little blood from it's nose, no more than you would get if you had a punch on the hooter, it then got up and was obviously concussed as it wobbled around.
    a van driver ran up and said he had clipped it, he grabbed the front legs, i grabbed the rear, it started to scream in terror but we managed to lift over a gate to another chap, he placed it on the ground and imagine our surprise when it just ran off at full tilt in the direction of it's mother, an awesome result.


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    Nice ending and very satisfying for you.

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    Yeah well done. Its amazing how loud that scream is! A few years back I heard some screaming from about 400yds away on a calm day so went to inspect. Found a roe deer kid with its leg caught in the lower strand of some sheep fence. Had to clutch it to me and lift it up to free it and the thing was screaming in my lug the whole time. Interestingly the buck and doe stood on the other side of the ditch until I freed it which was only 15 yards away. Great experience.

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    Nice. Well done. And did you catch a fish?

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    Yes they do make a racket, i feel sorry for the poor chap who grabbed it by the front legs and got kicked pretty hard until i could grab the back legs.
    And yes we caught some fish, a good day had by all.

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