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    Just found and joined this forum today. What a great site!!

    Quick Bio:

    Richard, 37, live in East Yorkshire, work on the oil rigs (as a mudman), fortunate enough to have started shooting when barely a teenager, traditional route of beating, ferreting, pigeons rabbits rough shooting etc. Now I do alot of wildfowling and 'small scale' game shooting. Always been interested by wild deer and I suppose it was a natural progression that I would take up stalking. Got my FAC a couple of years ago, joined a syndicate if SW Scotland before I got my ticket but land very poor (solid forestry, only open ground is narrow fire breaks) so had remarkable lack of success. Sick of not even seeing a beast so treat myself to a bought day down south and was absolutely amazed by the number of deer down there, shot my first muntjac and first fallow on that very memorable occasion. Hope to get out and about a bit more this year.

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    Welcome, not been on here long myself but good informative site, loads of experience on here.

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    Welcome Mudman, I hope you enjoy the site. You will find there are some good people on here, willing to give sound advice and friendship along the way.

    Hope your stalking opportunities continue to grow, and that success follows



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    Welcome on board mate, as has been said, you will find enlightenment and friendships on here.


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    welcome mudman
    it looks like everyone else has already told you how good this site is , and how true that is
    hope you enjoy as much as i hav and still doing
    many regards

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    welcome friend

    Hello mate,
    welcome aboard.


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    Greetings Mudman,

    As above mate enjoy the site. Don't be like an ugly girl at the school dance and sit in the corner. Get up and strut your funky stuff! We are all mates here! 8)

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    welcome mudman.
    you have found the best deer stalking site there is mate.the people are great on here and they really go out of there way to help you.if you are unsure on anything just ask away mate 8)

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    Hi Mudman,
    Great to get a new name here. Ask whatever you want, they're not a bad bunch, nobody gets laughed at here. We sometimes forget how lucky we are down here, with so many deer. Next time you are headed this way get in touch, I'm sure someone here will get you a look at some Bambi's.

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    Welcome Mudman
    Its great on here mate & remember if your not sure of anything just ask mate. There is no such thing as a stupid question buddy
    Join in the fun with us all as there a good bunch on here

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