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Thread: swarovski rangefinder

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    swarovski rangefinder

    ihave a swarovski 8x30 rangefinder less than 12 months old which i need to sell to fund buying a trailer for my new quad .it is in a1 condition.with holster'strap and box ,i have used it approx6 times and has a range of i think 1600 yards any offers please pm me cheers eric

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    This could degrade into a poor post.

    I will give you a fiver!!!

    It is always best to put up a price, then haggle from there.

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    trust you jingzy, i can tell you i have seen this range finder and it is just like new, infact you would think it had just come out of the shop. before you ask no i arent on commision

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    He is obviously a friend of yours Andy, so have a free bump.

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    a free bump? you need to get out of them hills more often met eka on here, he aint to far from where we live. hope you are keeping well. now get your squids out

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    will give you a call later to see if you still have this.

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