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Thread: Fox pro wanted

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    Fox pro wanted

    Fox pro wanted . No silly prices. Please pm me

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    drop DagBen77 a message he may have one for sale

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    I got one from the usa think it cost 160 all in royal mails cut import tax that was for a wild fire 2 and i have seen them cheaper now then i paid a year and half ago

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    I can get one brand new from Canada for 130 but was trying to find a cheaper one.

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    Yer that's about what I played + import tax and royal mails bit they are sh*t hot and wouldn't hesitate in buying another if owt was to go wrong with the one I have

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    I have a call master ,if any good to you not remote but work great.

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    Cheers for offer but really after a fox pro. Thinking of doing a group buy to get prices down

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    I might be up for one if you do plan on doing a group buy

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    I will be interested on the group buy

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    Me too if you are putting order together and work price out

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