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Thread: It never rains but it pours

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    It never rains but it pours

    If I didn't have bad luck today I wouldn't have any luck at all it seems I had a brand new scope to try out well it's no good as I was sighting it in and it needed moving 3" so I moved it 10 clicks and it only moved the POI 1" that was the second time I had tried moving the POI so the adjuster had been moved 20 clicks for a 1" movement so it's obviously no damned good.

    So I got the 7x57 out to check it's still on, thought I would use the Bi-Pod I brought from David first shot was 1" high like it should have been next one was a bit left then they started to wander a bit. Hmmmm I picked the rifle up to find the Bi-Pod was loose went to tighten it and found it had pulled the short stud out of the wood I have to drive 60 miles to get a machine screw stud and ferrule then take the stock off and inlet the ferrule to clear the barrel then load a few replacment rounds and re-test.

    So I thought I would test the 30-06 with the 130 grain loads so took the P-H 1100 out and it was a little off to he left. Not surprised as it was sighted in for 165 grain bullets. So shot for a group and they walked a bit left. Adjusted it 1" to the right and fired again at a new aiming point on the target. Impact 1" high and central so fired another which went right onto the left hand point of the 2" diamond aiming mark third hit the right hand point ................... what the? Checked nothing was loose then fired #4 and it hit the botton point it was then I noticed that the reticle was not as sharpas it should be. Yep you guesses the fast focus eye piece has developed play so this one needs to go to the scope man for repair and service Of course that's the only 30mm tube scope I have so I cannot even rob a scope from an unused rifle.

    Looks like I will have to take the Lisenfeld 3-9x42 off the CF2 Stutzen to put on the Majestic and get the 30-06 swopped on the licence for the .308 1100 Lwt. I wonder how long they will take to do a variation .................. not by next week I'll bet .

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    The Lisenfeld company went broke some 5 years ago and they were known in Germany as a cr***y scope even then.
    Its like with hi fi, you spend the most cash on the speakers.
    With hunting the money should go on a quality scope and mount system with a 25-30 year guarentee to back it up, otherwise you"l never be satisfied.
    Most rifles shoot to minute of deer vitals anyway.

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    Oh Geez I brought this Lisenfeld must have been 10-15 years ago at a Bisley arms fair. It has been on several rifles since then. I have not even sighted it in on the CF2 Stutzen as that's not listed for shooting only collection . I took it off the M96 Slide Bolt before I sold it before Christmas .

    As for these long guarentees they are often not worth the ink it took to write them. I have a Zeiss 4x32 that has seized up on the elevation adjuster and tried to contact Zeiss but they ain't interested. It's sitting in it's case awaiting the funds to get it fixed, probably via the scope man Mr Burke, and get the mounts for it. It's a rail mount scope with elevation only adjustment. It too was brought used to go a particular rifle.

    The scope that has just given trouble cost around 400 new. It's the one in the photo below and it has Apel mounts now so somehow I don't think one could say it's from the bargin basement. The scope was on the rifle when I brought it but it was in P-H alloy rings on their alloy bases I changed the mounts to Apel Roll Offs and that was about 8 years ago now.

    The photo was taken just after I got the rifle and before I swopped the mounts to the Apel ones.

    Whilst I use the P-H rings on the BSA dovetailed actions I like steel mounts better so on the Parker-Hales I try to use steel mounting systems.

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    Brit, you will not be dissapointed with Paul Burkes treatment of your railmount one turret, mine is pristine now, it just needs a 45/70 to sit on!

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    Thanks, it will have to wait a bit as I will have to talk to him about this 3-9x42 as I need that sorted first. He might not be able to do it depends if the bits are available I suppose. The Zeiss is destined for a Mdl 1903 Schoenauer. I need to save up for the Apel mounts for it this Schoenauer has a brand new barrel on it .

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    Should have kept the Pecar

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    Ahhhh dieseldan,

    I still have one of those 3-7x35 Pecars the problem is that these varifocal glases have such a small distance window they are a nightmare with scopes and binos and the Pecar has a more critical eye position. I believe they have a smaller eyebox than some more modern scopes. I have replaced the Pecar I sold with a 3-9x40 Nikon which is more forgiving on eye position.

    Of course being more modern it has a much larger eyebell and so requires higher mounts to clear the bolt handle it seems there is no free lunch after all I did try it on the Majestic but it is too close to the bolt tail mounted safety lever to make it really usable sooooo .

    I have replaced the Q/D stud with the machine screw ferrule type on the BSA CF2 which incidently has a 4x35 Pecar Champion scope on it which of course is more modern being image moving rather than the Classic which is moving recticle. The Champion also has a more forgiving eyebox Now I suppose I could take the Champion out of the Apel mounts on the CF2 which of course have windage adjustment in them and put the Classic on that and then put the Champion on the .270 Majestic but that means re-sighting in two scopes whereas if I just take the Lisenfeld off the Stutzen which is not being used I just need to sight in one

    The 30-06 will just have to wait in the wings until it's scope is either fixed or replaced . Right now I need to get something sorted for next weeks stalk

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