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Thread: CZ 17 HMR Silhouette 2008 Complete setup.

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    CZ 17 HMR Silhouette 2008 Complete setup.

    CZ Silhouette 17HMR, 2008 gun, in very good condition.

    16" barrell, perfect for shooting out of the car window..

    Sak mod,

    9-13 swivel bipod, think it's a Deben.

    4-12x50 Hawke Endurance scope,

    Outdoor Connection neoprene sling,

    One 5 shot metal mag.

    Good condition gunbag,

    Full setup, ready to go shooting.

    and if FTF, I can throw in over 40 rounds. 350...No offers.

    Couple of insignificant marks, but nothing to worry about, they were their when I bought it.

    Only wanting it away as it just lies in the I'm adding either a .222 or a .223 to my collection..

    This is my own gun, had it for a few years now, and it's taken a few foxes...will RFD, BUT at YOUR cost. Bushwear in Stirling charges 25 this end. I'm near Falkirk.

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    I have this exact set up and it works very well. Good luck with the sale and a bargain

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    Thanks Hulse....yep, it's agreat wee gun, just not getting used nowadays.

    Gun SOLD...Pending the usual.

    Thanks for looking guys..

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