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Thread: optilock - swarvo

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    optilock - swarvo

    2 questions:

    1. Could someone please advise on the lowest optilocks that will take a swarovski av 4-12x50 on a tikka m595?

    2. Does anyone have a set of said rings for sale?!? It has a 25mm tube.



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    if you click on the tikka site theres a pdf download with all the sizes on rings/bases etc atb doug check it carefully my 8x56 takes lows ,

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    My 8x56 Swarovski sits on medium optilocks on my tikka 595 and has a 2-3 mm gap between the barrel/ scope. It is a 30mm scope though

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    Sako Varmint barrel with a swarovski 56 and i use lows with couple of mill spare
    if i had a normal barrel i think i could use extra lows all 30mm tube

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