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Thread: not stalking but an old man talking !!! who has a right to!!

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    not stalking but an old man talking !!! who has a right to!!

    I had this sent to me and i thought i would share it with you guys .MAKES a sad read !! from a man who just loves this green and pleasant land. and i don't mean a offend anyone by doing so.
    Admin feel free to remove if you feel the need to.

    Written by a senior citizen..............

    It's sad but true, it is difficult not to agree with the 72-year-old man who wrote this letter, I notice there isn't a reply. This is one of the best letters I have read for a long time. It puts it ALL into perspective.

    To David Cameron (Prime Minister) & Ed Milliband (Leader of the Opposition)

    You BOTH Worry me!
    (In fact, both of your Political parties worry the hell out of me!!!)

    Over the last three years, I find myself becoming more and more fearful of the pair of you, and between you, you are turning this country into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel a part of!

    I watch you in parliament, and no, not just the two of you, but also every politician that I see stand up in parliament sneering at eachother, and acting like children!!!(and if you were my children, I would be ashamed of you all ....

    What an example to set!

    Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the needs of this country at the forefront, NEITHER of you are doing that, you seem more interested in "one-up-man ship ", in scoring off each other & denigrating each other, to the detriment of this country & it's people!!!

    It seems to be all about YOU as individuals, and not about what you can DO for this country!

    It is fast becoming a place that I do not recognize, as the place I always thought, was the best place in the world to be!!!

    But no longer!!!

    You are not listening to the people of this country!!!
    I am watching the deterioration of living standards in this country, (and according to you, on a world stage we are doing better than most countries..
    REALLY??? And yet the gap is widening between the "haves" and the "have-nots".

    I see our homeless on the streets, our hospitals under-funded and
    understaffed, our health system is an absolute mess and a disgrace..
    And yet I see multi-millions of pounds being sent offshore, in aid to other countries, before attending to this country's needs!

    I see the "selling off of water rights to foreign interests, WHY...?
    Especially when you go to great lengths to tell us that water is a finite resource, & supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it, so that we ensure we have it for the future?

    A Carbon Tax, (which you KNOW is just another tax) which will make NO difference, to carbon emissions, AT ALL!

    A tax, which in spite of all your arguments FOR it, you are doing
    alone, when other major countries will NOT & DO NOT embrace it, or believe in it !

    All that it will do for this country is put working families and small businesses behind the eight ball .....what planet are you on, if you think that the tax we must pay, will make even a scrap of difference to the effect of the carbon tax on people?

    Anyone can see the holes in that argument!!! Do you really think we are that dumb???

    Let's talk about Multiculturalism ....People have come here from other countries, for a better life, for more years than I have been alive (I am 72 years old!)
    Pre & Post war immigrants came for a better life, and settled in and became wonderful contributors to this country, .... all have contributed to the rich diversity of this country, and some descendants have even fought FOR this country. They have become U.K.citizens and were glad to be...and they had
    NO handouts from our Government either, ....they worked hard for everything!
    I have never before had a problem with all, or any, race of immigrants coming here.
    However, I DO NOW!!!

    Please tell me why we have areas in towns and on large estates all over the country, where police do NOT, & will NOT go, for fear of their life?
    Please tell me why we can no longer have religion in schools for fear of "OFFENDING" someone?
    (The latest little gem is that they are not having or being funded, for chaplains any more, but Councillors!)

    Please tell me why religious Christmas observances are no longer allowed in some schools for fear of OFFENDING someone? Please tell me HOW Christmas decorations in some stores might OFFEND someone? Please tell me why we have to have segregated days in some swimming centers for fear of "OFFENDING" someone? Please tell me why we have some RADICAL clerics demanding Sharia
    Law in this country when if we were in THEIR country, this would NEVER be allowed?
    Please tell me why our laws need to be changed, so as not to OFFEND someone?
    Please tell me why we are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own country, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? Please tell me WHY Britons cannot legally wear a bike helmet covering their head in a bank and yet it is ok to wear a Burka which covers the whole of the face? And please tell me WHY, when those people who want asylum here can wreck our detention centres and STILL be accepted here?

    What does that say about just who and what are this government's priorities? The British people that I speak to have genuine concerns about becoming a second-class minority in our own country, and the reasons for it are some of the above. Are you so blind that you cannot see this? And no, I am NOT racist!!! If I did not like Catholics or Protestants would I be considered racist? Of course not!

    Why is it that if we object to what is happening in our country we are immediately labelled RACIST, in an attempt to shut us up?

    We are fighting Radical Muslims in Afghanistan & Iraq , are we not? I hear you say, yes but the Muslims we have here are "Not like that". Well how would we know? Do we hear ANY of them coming out & speaking AGAINST radicals? I haven't, have you? Islam is not compatible with ANY of the values that we hold here in Britain ! Are not the experiences of France and the Netherlands examples of that?
    Why do you think it would be any different here?We even have a British born "radical," whose message is that Britain WILL become a Muslim country, under Sharia Law, & that we had "better get used to it ".

    Will both of you grow some "BALLS", and start sticking up for this country and its people?
    We are the people who put you where you are and PAY you to look after our interests!
    And you are NOT doing that by any stretch of the imagination!!!

    I would appreciate an answer from both of you, if only to convince me that once again I am not talking to a brick wall!
    In case it has escaped both of you I would like to remind you that, the UK Government is FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE PEOPLE & BY THE PEOPLE

    Never forget that - because you sure have up till now!

    Let us get this out to all - please keep forwarding and if you have people in the press or if you know Politicians let them know we are dissatisfied with their behaviour!.


    What did you conclude in his outpoor. i'll keep me thoughts to myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    What did you conclude in his outpoor.
    That he thinks the same as I do


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    that all politicians are a bunch of lying two faced hypocrites,and altho they may have had at one time good intentions once they get some power they abuse it,but to be fair its a human trait that pops up now and then, amongst others

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    totally agree with everything he said.labour were exposed for the cynical plan to flood the country with benefit dependant foreigners to allow them to rule forever.BUT the TORY cretins who exposed this plan have done nothing to correct this .both partys soundbite what they think we want to hear but as the euro elections showed weve seen through the BULLFEATHERS they both parents generation struggling to make ends meet and waiting for basic health care are wondering what the country went to war for 70 years ago

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    Agree with everything except "Islam is not compatible with ANY of the value we hold here in Britain". Islam itself encourages very similar values to most other world religions and is therefore entirely compatible with our values, which are themselves generally just an extension of the 10 commandments (unsurprising in a predominantly christian country). The issue we have with Islam is with fundamentalists, and in fairness I don't find fundamentalist Christians to be much more palatable in their outlook than the Muslims. A narrow minded Bigot is a narrow minded bigot irrespective of his creed.
    I used to share a dorm with a fairly devout Muslim during my time at secondary school and in 7 years we never had an issue. I did my thing, and he did his, which included the whole praying 5 times a day stuff and observing major religious festivals, so he was hardly a 'fair weather' Muslim. This was at a CofE school, and he still attended the services along with everyone else and respected the views of the majority of the students. As long as people don't try and force their faith on others, then they can practice anything they wish as far as I'm concerned, as long as it conforms to our laws. In fact, I have more of a problem with the christian missionary types, who go door to door to try and convert people. Go away, I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions!
    But I digress. Back to the original point, I totally agree with his views on the whole political correctness rubbish and with his views on free loading immigrants. Just not acceptable.

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    Good point, well presented.

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    Nowt new there then! Politicians are liars, thieves & cheats - all of them on a gravy train - including and especially the EU politicians.
    It is however an excellent letter, much of which states my own thoughts.
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    Well done Paul 'o and Alistair.

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    glad to see we are being PC on our reply's lads as to #5 very good reply, my thoughts ,if we had zero religion we would have and had no wars to fight over!!

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    Finding nothing to disagree with so far!

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