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Thread: .270 load's

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    .270 load's

    Has anybody tried 90gr ammo out of there .270, at the moment i am using 110gr V-Max with N160 VihtV for Fox control and find them devastating and was just wondering what 90gr would be like? sorry posted in wrong place

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    just so you don't feel too embarressed about posting here.....i'll give you details of my experience with sierra 90grain hollowpoints.....

    I tried them a while back...loading them with alliant reloader 12 powder...which is discontinued.....and found that provided they weren't pushed too fast they were very accurate and deadly on crows and foxes!!
    I tried them on Roe deer and found that although they did a vey good job of killing them....i was a bit dubious about the frangiability of the bullet, The wound channels were good...but not very deep (lack of penetration).
    I am a big fan of the v-max in the tends to drop roe like they were headbutted by concord! some people so rightly point out...there is usualy a substantial amount of carcass damage on the exit shouldn't be an issue as the deer are well killed and travel very very little distance when hit..if at all, but there are those out there who's priorities are not quite in commonplace with those of my own.
    I have now started using 110 grain sierra soft points.....and initial findings...on Red deer so far...have been very watch this space!
    If you can find a powder with similar burning speeds to reloader 12 (H4350 perhaps?)...then give the 90's a go.

    Good luck!


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    Hi Black Lab,
    This out of the Hodgdon powder data for H4350, I use this powder on advice taken when I started reloading and found its fine for .243 and ok for what I want in my 30-06 but it is limited.
    Min Max
    90 GR. SIE HP H4350 .277" 3.200" 58.0 3401 43,700CUP 62.0C
    100 GR. SPR SP H4350 .277" 3.145" 56.0 3258 44,000 CUP 59.4


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    Cheer's for the reply's guy's all noted & will look into H4350, as i have been using VihtV N160 i have been getting good result's, but like everybody said once your hooked your hooked, wife said i will be changing my name soon to "reload"

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