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Thread: How long?

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    How long?

    How long until we get all the insensitive (for that just read lucky as I'm just jealous because I've not seen a fallow on my small bit of ground for the best part of 9 months now) stalkers putting up pictures and posts of their first successful Fallow stalk this season?

    Please spare a thought for all us less fortunate stalkers

    (I give it until 9am)

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    Just to cheer you up when you posted at 04.47 this morning I was just checking the second Fallow Pricket I'd shot. Admit I was lucky as they was feeding in standing Wheat and stupidly choose to walk out onto a cut Grass field.

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    I was stuck at work on my last night shift. Gonna head out on Monday morning and hope all the nearby stalkers have scared the local fallow onto my permission!

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    As I stated was pure Luck. Don't lose heart mate I'm sure it will come good for you soon.

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    Get a trail cam out mate. I bet their getting on there sometimes, probably after dark! PS shot two this morning

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    I've had a trail cam up there for the last year. Thing I don't get is their prescence is just so random. They'll appear two or three days running in one place or at a similar time and then nothing for weeks, or one day they'll pass through at 9am then nothing and next time it'll be midnight?! Just means I need to spend more time out there

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