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Thread: Section 21 Amendments

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    Question Section 21 Amendments

    Has anyone got a link(s) to some guidance, in English not legal speak, to the Section 21 amendments to the Firearms Act?

    Thanks all

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    You can find it on BASC website.


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    Thank you Frank I have found it now.

    For those who want a read the BASC document is here

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    Clear as mud then. Or am I just not reading it right?

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    I tried to understand the BASC document and agree, easier to see through mud.

    Have a look at pages 185 and 186 of the 'Home Office guidance to Police on Firearms', the 2014 version.

    Its seems fairly clear there.

    My reading is if the is sentence between 3 month and 3 year there is a 5 year ban from the release date, over 3 year sentence its a life ban.

    You also need to check the recent Police College pronouncements although I'm not sure if they covered this topic.
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