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Thread: Custom Rifle in .204 Ruger for Sale

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    Custom Rifle in .204 Ruger for Sale

    New Price - 1,600 no offers!

    Never use it and it's just wasted sat in my cabinet.

    Looking to sell my .204 as just not getting much use out of it anymore.

    Built by Riflecraft

    Pacnor Top Grade Barrel 24" (I don't know twist but is designed for 40gr)

    Jewell Trigger

    McMillan Stock

    The rifle shoots extremely well and has had less than 1,000 rounds through it and is also in good condition.

    It also has a Zeiss Conquest 6.5 - 20 x 50, with target turrets on top.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi - Looks a nice rifle - I have a few questions

    I assume that it has been re-barrelled - can you give me some info on the barrel

    Make - length - twist rate - thread size - who did the custom work.

    Also has the rifle been bedded - does it have the original remington trigger - or an after market unit fitted.

    Can I assume that the mod in the photo isnt included in the price.


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    Apologies missed this out :

    Built by Riflecraft

    Pacnor Top Grade Barrel 24" (I don't know twist but is designed for 40gr)

    Jewell Trigger

    McMillan Stock

    Moderator is Included as is the scope.



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    Thanks Alex... Thats a lovery set up

    I am after another mid range rifle in the next couple of months and looking at options and suitable calibres

    Shame your not just a bit closer so I could see it shoot.

    In case I decide to go for 20 cal again - would you sell the rifle without the conquest and if so - for how much ?

    I have a 6-24 Victory ready and waiting for my new rifle.


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    I too am interested in this without the scope, any news on a price for rifle on its own? Obviously sir slots has first dibs

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    I was informed by Alex the rifle would be 1200.

    Spending that on a used rifle , I would have to see it perform - unfortunately its too far away for a demo

    So I have decided not to go for it. So its all yours S8ndevo - Good luck with the sale Alex


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