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Thread: A bit missing?

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    A bit missing?

    Hi folks,

    I'm after some advice please.

    I have this stock (please see photo link) that i got in with a rifle deal that i'm looking to sell on as I don't need it.

    I do believe there is something missing that supports, guides or holds the rounds in the stock.

    It's a nice Riflecraft bedding stock but just not for me.

    Can anyone shed some light on this please, if indeed a bit is missing, what bit is it?

    Stock Slideshow by W0rks2much | Photobucket

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    Where the cartridges go, it's missing the spring and follower right? It's a fixed floor plate so needs a spring and something to feed the cartridges up.
    Probably wrong like, especially in terminology.

    What is it inlet for? Remmy 700?

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    Thats a Choate stock and it may have been built without and magwell and been a single shot sniper, my club had one nice stock better with a mag cutout . rem 700

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    Definately a Choate.
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    That's great, thanks for the info folks.

    i'll be moving the post over to the for sale side.

    It's bedded for a a Remmy 700 short action.

    i was looking for £60 delivered. But please check the classifieds if anyone is interested?

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    jb7x57, it's yours.

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    Payment sent 8.00 am Sunday morning as agreed

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    jb7x57 you have a PM.


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    arrived as promised better condition than described, nice to deal with you thanks

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