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Thread: Meindl dovre extreme

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    Meindl dovre extreme

    Whats the best price anybody has seen these boots???

    Thanks in advance


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    210 QUID !

    mine have nearly had it !!

    mine are now just into their 3rd season and im hopeing there going to see me throught till the end of summer then ill get another pair .

    a truly outstanding pair of boots !

    cheers lee

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    I have had mine 18 months and the Stitching coming away at the top, they have only been worn as a “second” boot. Not very happy about that, shame as in use they are a good boot.



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    Try Tamarack Outdoors they've got 15% off so cheaper than £210 or for a bit more you could get yourself some Lundhags.

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    An over priced poor product in my opinion and not what you`d expect from Meindl..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter V
    An over priced poor product in my opinion and not what you`d expect from Meindl..
    Yoy must have got a friday afternoon pair! I've used them for years....forestry and stalking in the Highlands. I like high boots so I can tie me trousers to them to keep water and ticks out. Highland Industrial Supplies in Inverness do a good deal but not mail order.

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    Theres a guy on the hunting life selling them for £179.99 delivered to your door

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    Jeezus, I though my £12 wellies were expensive from homebase when I got my canes....

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    Never owned a pair scrotspine. But seen enough pair`s with cracked leather not forgetting to mention the bubbling leather that there prone too and re known for..
    I suppose there better that the Mouflon boots though

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