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Thread: short barrel 243 help

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    short barrel 243 help

    Hi all,
    Well as some on here know I'm a real lover of short barrel rifles and my 18in 6.5x47 is the dogs, however I've just landed a 243 at right money and so I'm going to give it a try.
    Well my question is this does anyone have first hand experience of anything as short as 16in in 243 ? The rifle would be a woodland rifle and definitely no more than a max 200 yard shot deer tool so not interested in batting crows etc at 500 and the like
    Any help greatfully received

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    No experience in .243 but I do love short barrels aswell. So I am always looking at reloading data that is chronographed out of a short barrel.
    That's out of an 18" and it's getting very close to not deer legal.

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    This is from a bit ago when I chopped down my 243 to 17 1/2"
    Hope it's of some help

    Hello all again, well i got hold of a chrono and here's the results for the 243 some shockers here! the ft/lbs data came from strelok the chrony is a gamma master chrony which was set up approx 16 feet away from the muzzle-

    65 gr vmax with 40gr varget 3037fps - 1332ft/lbs
    90 gr speer sp 34gr rel15 2657fps - 1411ft/lbs
    85 gr sierra bthp 35.3gr varget 2723fps - 1399ft/lbs
    85 gr sierra bthp 34.7gr H4895 2855fps - 1541ft/lbs
    58gr hornady v-max moly coated 3380fps - 1473ft/lbs
    95gr winchester ballistic silvertip 2851fps - 1714ft/lbs
    100gr prvi sp 2707fps - 1630ft/lbs
    80gr remington sp 2868fps - 1463ft/lbs
    100gr federal powershock sp 2602fps - 1506ft/lbs
    85gr federal bthp vital shok 3047fps - 1752ft/lbs

    these are the results i got today with the 243 17 1/2" barrel

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    Thanks guys, just the kind of answers I was looking for
    Very much appreciated

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