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    Does anyone know a rough value of a white diamond o/u shogun? still in fairly good knick don't know the model but would be about 30 years old I thaught about 150

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    its more than likely a gun made under the berreta banner maybe a few yrs old ,sorry no idea on the price etc ,atb doug,

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    Made under the Franco berretta banner part of the same family so Italian so well made depending on the model unknown
    A few pics would help ,if in good condition 150'would be a good buy not sure about spares but a good smith can usually doctor something for a shotty

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    I was talking to a gunsmith recently re shotgun prices and potential repair costs.
    If a part needs made and fitted it could take the 'smith up to say three hours.
    There needs to be some economic awareness re some lower end price shotguns.
    I hope the argy-bargy that seems to start so easily on here recently doesn't kick off.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    My first shotgun was a White Diamond Saphire. I got it second hand from Diamond Shooting services in Heathfield for 395

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    I think they where imported by Dimond Shooting Services and are in fact made by Slima just returning to the UK market recently but with a different action.

    I recently tried ride to get parts for a Silma and had more luck get blood from a stone wall, unfortunately it was my blood from bang my head against it for so long.

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