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Thread: A Muntjac knife, very cheap for 4 hours...

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    A Muntjac knife, very cheap for 4 hours...

    The knife on offer is from 3mm SF100, FFG and a tapering tang, The Muntjac of course being the 3" bladed model knife, this one...

    Black G10 over red liners, fixings are swaged ss tubes...

    Perfect custom made rapidboy Kydex to complete...

    It is brand new, unused, perfect condition and beautiful little knife...

    It has been around a while this knife and is now time it found a new and permanent home, to that end it is on offer at 195 until my visit to the PO at lunchtime, if I don't take it with me on that visit I'll withdraw it when I'm back, after that visit you see I head off for a couple of weeks

    The 195 asking price see's a discount on a same spec'd commission of exactly 100...

    If there is any interest and as time is short my PP address is stuart(at)stuartmitchellknives(dot com), I'll let you do the translation...

    I'll be out and about all morning but I should get PM's or you can email me on the above address too, contact me, tell me you have paid and give me the delivery address and I'll do the rest...

    I'll be putting the same knife/offer on another forum too, time stamp wins...

    Cheers all, Stu.

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    I have one of these with original scales... A cracking knife. Light and easy in the hand.



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    Ill take that little cracker.

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