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Thread: swarovski 6x24x50 target turrets

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    swarovski 6x24x50 target turrets

    hi swarovski 6x24x50target turrets v g c 650 pounds

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    Hi Sika

    Which reticule pls? 30mm tube I assume?

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    Looks cheap,is it a minger?

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    or a great bargain? start your engines running piccies will sell it quickly too

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    hi ihave two swarovski 6x24x50 both in very good condition 30mill body glass on both very clean fine reticules you do not no me bryan as i do not own rubbish first scope 650 pounds second scope have a swarovski end cap like a butler creek and 30 mill mounts for a remmy 700pounds not very good with computers regards robert

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    Can you put up some pictures please

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    Hi Robert.
    Thats a very good price for a very good scope,I have one.So I know you don't own rubbish.
    No offence was intended Robert,just expressing surprise at pricing.
    I wish you the best of luck with te sale.


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    Good to meet up with you today Robert, and thanks for a easy transaction

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    Hi there u mention you have two of these have you still got one for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikastag270 View Post
    hi swarovski 6x24x50target turrets v g c 650 pounds
    I sent you a message this morning, could you please reply.

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