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Thread: 21 day aged meat

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    21 day aged meat

    I was looking at a menu the other day trying to decide between having the 21 day aged steak and paying my mortgage this month when it occured to me...21 days!...I wouldn't hang a deer that long.

    I was in the House of Bruar a while ago, they had a side of beef hanging in the glass sided fridge and it was very dark. It must be ok re beef, it just seems a damn long time re deer.
    Just wondered if there are any knowledgeable folk out there who could enlighten us.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    They do hang beef in my work for 21 days but theve got to have a good covering of fat to do this. It just dries it out and puts a beard on it a lot of work for the butcher to trim the facing off it.

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    Supermarkets dictate this. They like to be able to buy and sell as quick as they can. It cost them more money to store and subsiquently dress out the beast. To them its business!

    There is nothing wrong with hanging a beast for 21 days as long as it's stored at the right temperature with plenty of ventalation.

    Hanging in this way was the normal practice until greed took over!

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    Thanks for replies
    Anyone hang a deer for this long?...what's it like?.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    It's fine, done it loads of times.

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    As my old dad used to say - " you can eat it with a spoon!" Delicious.

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    Its the only type of steak I buy its great

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    I have 3muntjac witch Will all be 21 days plus buy the time I cut into them ,as long as it's dry air that's circulated they'll just get dryer and dryer , I hang mine in the skin until needed

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    Everyone's taste is different, for me as long as the hung animal is a selected, youngish in age and in good condition then is the best

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    Personally I hang reds 14-21 days, fallow diito, Sika 7-10, roe 5-7, I've tried longer and shorter over the years but these seem to give best compromise of flavour and tenderness. Personal taste may however favour longer hanging and most will take 21 days provided the chiller is up to scratch.

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