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Thread: new to reloading

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    new to reloading


    Im soon to start reloading in 243 and 308
    Going to use lapua brass
    Anyone got any recipes using around 80g and 150g respectively

    ATB Steve

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    Hi Steve, how are you doing?

    .243 80gr

    48gr reloder 19
    43 / 44gr reloder 17
    44 / 45gr H414

    Some also use 38 / 38.5gr Varget, but I always hate having a case without a fill of powder. No reason for that other than preference

    .308 150gr

    46gr Varget
    46gr N140

    Have used these loads on and off for a long time.

    very best, Craig

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    Thanks looking forward to reloading just hope my ocd dont get in the way

    What brand bullets would you suggest??
    Anyone else??


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    Can only speak for myself, but I've used the following to good effect:
    Hornady, Speer and Sierra ProHunter 150gr soft points and Nosler 150gr Ballistic tips for the .308. I find that the 150gr Ballistic Tips old together well, unlike the 125gr. These days I much prefer the ordinary soft points.

    All of the above give very tight groups in my .308 Remy LSR.

    For .243 80gr Ballistic Tip and 87 grain Hornady Spire Points.

    Right..cup of tea over..back under the car again...

    Best, Craig

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