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Thread: Dog boxes

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    Dog boxes

    I am taking delivery of a beautiful Lab at the end of the month and would like for him to use a dog box/cage for his own space. Also I could use it in the car. Anybody give me some idea of the size of box for a Labrador.

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    Google Transk9 and they will have a specific box to fit your car probably.Best dog boxes on the market.

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    I have a Trans K9 in my Freelander 2. It's been used twice a day almost without fail for the last 5 years and is still like new apart from the dirt from 2 working dogs. Sure they're not the cheapest but they're built for work, keep the dirt out of the car and don't rattle which is important to me!
    However it's not going to double as a dog crate for the house as they fit very snuggly in the car that they're made for and need to be taken out with care. I suggest buying a dog crate for the house and a car dog box. Btw Dog crates for the house will rattle like hell in a car and contain zero dirt!


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    Great choice of dog BTW...

    This one for the house in extra large to give him oodles of space to just be a muppet!:

    ... and this one for the car in large:

    It's no Trans K9 without doubt, but does the job for us as ours is 95% pet
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    Wife has a Lintran in her Ford Focus. Very good, relatively expensive, well made, no rattles. Although designed for the car its easy to get in and out of car but quite heavy. Contains all muck off dogs.
    Lintran have a range of boxes to suit many vehicles.
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    Bought a trans k9 box about 3 years ago for in the pick up. Was well worth the price and still like new.


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    You will end up with two boxes because it will become quite a pain moving a box from house to car and back again.
    Lintran will make you a bespoke box to suit your vehicle or a specific space within the house. Lintran,k9 and one or two other top brands make a great product that will outlast any dog you have. I have one lintran box that is about 16 years old and looks as good as new.

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    I read somewhere recently that you should start with a small box/cage and get bigger as the dog grows. The reason it gave was that if you put a small puppy in a big cage, then there's enough room for it to use one end for sleeping and use the other as a toilet. I thought it made sense, at least for its overnight cage.
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    Have used CAB at Malton and absolutely impressed with their work. Used another company in the past that were poor in comparison.

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