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Thread: Just look at my super new harness (this years colour)

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    Just look at my super new harness (this years colour)

    Sam employing the hung dog look to great effect. He's not very photogenic, can't pose for toffee. But he does find an exeedingly good deer, even in the dark.

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    You want to see it when we switch it on, it's like bloody Christmas on the fourth of July!

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    Thats great Mark, I wanted a Bavarian but after seeing your Sam, Stones Sika and Swampy's Daisey and pups; I might just get a black lab.

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    Great dogs, not so good to see at night, so think twice if you do any duck shooting. Hence the very fetching harness. Might get one for Mrs buckup, might make her easier to find under the duvet, just switch on the headlamp and........(oh dammit I wasn't supposed to mention the headlamp).

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    I want one for deer really. There are some good deer dogs coming off the local Estate. Solid and very intelligent black labs. Very nice dogs.

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    Mr B

    Do I hear right you want one of those ungodly black labs that are born well behaved and pre trained. Where is your sense of adventure
    Guy Wallance once said if you want a good shooting dog get a black lab but if he could have only one dog he would get a German wire haired pointer as it would give him something to do.

    Buckup - Nice harness, Lolas is a bit mangy at the moment as the blood all over it has reduced its reflective power. we had three follow-up fot hunter friends to do in one day. Great challenge. Two deer were cleanly missed and the third survived with a duelling scar.


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