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Thread: Reloader 22 with 125gn in 6.5x55

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    Reloader 22 with 125gn in 6.5x55


    New to re-loading so please bear with me...

    Following on from link posted by Muir i thought i'd get a Lee Classic Loader and delve into the world of re-loading. I have bought all the other bits and bobs (scales, calipers etc etc).

    So i went to get some components, local shop had some nosler partition 125grain bullets but no N450 powder which is what is listed in the loading guide that come with the set...

    So i went to the next RFD and he also didn't have any N450 but brought out his loading manual and it listed Reloader 22. i had read previously that this was a good powder so bought some...stupidly i didn't take a note of the maximum and minimum powder measures.

    Now i can't seem to find these figures anywhere, and i can't remember the re-loading manual he showed me. I have found plenty of 'recipies' but these only quote specific loads. As i don't want to use someone else recipie without knowing the max an min loads.

    My question is does anybody know the max an min loads for a 125 grn bullet using R22 in 6.5x55? a head up on which manual might list this maybe?

    cheers in advance.


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    Google Alliant powders.

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    Look at the Alliant Powder and Nosler websites. These are the only two you should rely on as a starter.

    You can also look at the Lee site as it may have relevant info regarding the powder and bullet as it's their hardware you're using.

    You will get all the relevant info there, the same that is in the printed books.

    There should be no MAGIC book that your RFD "has".


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    Daft Dog.
    I have an Alliant Powder re-loader guide.
    Hornady SP. 129gr SP.
    This would have suited your purposes but NO loads are mentioned using the R22 powder.
    R7 25.8gr 2130fps.
    R12 36.7gr 2465fps.
    R15 38.8gr 2620fps.
    R19 48.0gr 2815fps.

    Speer Spitz.
    140gr bullet. 48.1gr R22 2700fps.

    Hornady RN.
    160gr bullet. 47gr. R22 2535fps.

    Presumably these are maximum loads which should be approached with caution.


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    RL 22 is too slow for the 6.5, really. It's a magnum rifle powder. The top end for a 140 is 2700 fps. You might want to pick a powder on the reloading chart enclosed with the die set....~Muir

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    Nosler Reloading Guide gives info on RL19 for 125 gr partition.

    RL22 only gets on the list at 140 gr.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir
    RL 22 is too slow for the 6.5, really. It's a magnum rifle powder. The top end for a 140 is 2700 fps. You might want to pick a powder on the reloading chart enclosed with the die set....~Muir
    I tried but can't get it anywhere near me.

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    If you haven't opened the RL22, take it back and change it for RL19.

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    Hodgdon manual No 26 (1992) lists Re22 for 125g-129g at 47g -50g (max). This produced accurate load in my 6.5 using Nosler partition 125g with no signs of pressure. Velocity at 2750ft/sec. However I agree with previous posts that Re22 is a bit slow. I have found H4350 to be excellent in my rifle and would agree that Re19 would also be suitable.

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    ive been using 48gn of H1000 with 140gn nosler partitions with good results !

    im now going to give some hornady 160gn round nose ago again with H1000 so will see how it goes !

    cheers lee

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