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Thread: Log cabin wanted for holiday

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    Log cabin wanted for holiday


    Im after a log cabin for the mrs, myself and dacshunds to have a holiday in September in Scotland.
    Don't want to travel any higher the Edinburgh. Idealy remote not on a holiday park with a wood burner offering peace and tranquility. Don't mind if in a forest or by the sea.

    Going to do a little google search myself to see whats on offer.

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    Or if not a log cabin must be a cosy cottage with an open fire but destination remains the same remote or by the beech.

    I lost a couple of links close to new abbey which would be ideal as for a boar stalk......

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    Theres a few places Martin try
    Barend , Arbigland , Kippford

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    Craig and Sarahs place is nice not far from new abbey at Kirkgunzeon
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Stayed in one in Narin a few years ago, can't remember exactly where but it was really nice with a well stocked trout lake on site as well

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