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Thread: Basque 10bore, Steelmaster & Components for sale

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    Basque 10bore, Steelmaster & Components for sale

    Decided to get the 10bore gone, it doesn't get used anymore as I'm always stalking.

    Typical used 10b in used condition, but it will come with its slip, MEC Steelmaster with a load of components (powder, wads, primers and some SSG shot) to make your own 3 1/2" carts. There is also a large amount of lead carts for foxing, nest blasting etc.

    Pictures available by email on request by PM,

    500 for the lot, I also travel around the country a lot with work so a potential meet up is possible otherwise it can be collected from me in South Yorkshire


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    Hi Tommo,
    Interested in the 10 and mec. Have any pics? Assume it's choked at 1/2 and 1/2?
    Cheers Jon

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    still for sale, need the money for a quad / Argocat


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