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Thread: Sea trout from tonight

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    Sea trout from tonight

    The river had its first rain for weeks yesterday so i went out tonight, caught 3 on a wake lure, decided to keep this one.


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    That's a beauty, well done.
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    Lovely fish. Well done.

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    Nice little fish . well done. regards Tam

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    very nice, well done

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    That is a very nice fish, I expect your pleased.

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    My mouth started watering as soon as I saw that. Nice fish!

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    Cracking fish mate, well done.

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    Thanks chaps, i don't guide Sea Trout fishing anymore (clients stayed out way too late!) but if anyone finds their way to Devon i can point them in the right direction!

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    Great sport -- Nice one Richard, which river were you on.

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