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Thread: Right time, right place, no money.

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    Right time, right place, no money.

    I was in the City today delivering one of the Chapter heads of the Soap Creek Prairiedog Association to the airport for his flight back to the real world and found time to stop in at one of the local sporting goods stores that is preparing to move to a larger facility. This is the place with all the bargain Tikka rifles that I frequent when I am in town. Anyways, all the gun powder was gone. All the bullets were consolidated and sale priced. I perused these for a bit and wandered down to see what we loving refer to as a 'junk table'; a table/bin full of discontinued or second hand items. I pawed through the layers of used holsters and slings and Lo! Underneath were sets of 45-70 dies, 405 Winchester Dies, Redding 243 dies and 30-06 dies, RCBS 32 Remington Special and .357 magnum..... and more that i can' t recall. All were $10 - $15 US each. On further investigation I found old stock Nosler Partition 6.5mm, 140 grain for $10 a box, Hornady 140 grain Interlock 6.5's for $10 a box, two boxes of old stock Winchester Super-X 30-40 Krag 220 grain Silver Tip for $25, 200 commercial precast 45 acp x 200 grain bullets for $10, and a box full of .321" x 170 grain Round nose commercial cast lead bullets for the 32-40 and in my case, 8.15x46R. Two hundred fifty to the box for $10. There was also a fitted case for my T/C Super 14 Contender pistol for $10.

    Wouldn't you know it?
    Hardly had any money in my pockets.
    It figures.... ~Muir

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    It's for times like this you need a credit card!!!
    some good deals there..

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    NO ! ! CAPITAL ONE Then Muir

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    A man's got to know his limitations....

    And where the nearest ATM is.~Muir

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