Why Men are not Agony Aunts!

Dear Peter.
Last Wednesday I left my house as normal to go to work.
After driving for about 3 minutes my car 'stalled'.
I started it again but after about another 5 minutes it stalled again and this time it would not start again so I started to walk back home.

The walk back to my home took me about 45 minutes, and when I entered my house I went into my front room and found my husband making love to our neighbours daughter in front of our fire.
You can imagine my surprise and horror. I was absolutely devastated.
I just burst out crying.

I am 45 years old and my husband is 49. The neighbours daughter is only 18.
My husband has since confessed to me that he has been having an affair with this young lady for over 9 months but refuses to believe that he is doing anything wrong and in fact claims that the whole situation is mainly my fault.

We were as far as I know, happily married and we had a fulfilled and happy sex life.
I have been totally faithful to my husband throughout our 21 years of marriage.

He refuses to seek any help from our GP and absolutely refuses to go to any counselling. He will not talk to any of our close friends about this either.
I am at my wits end as I do not want our marriage to end but I simply cannot continue to live in this way
Please, please advise me as I do not know what to do. I cannot stop crying.

Yours sincerely.

Catherine fromHampshire..................................... .................................................. .................................................. ...

Dear Catherine from Hampshire

Try not to get too upset
I get a lot of letters like yours and I advise you the following:

When a car stalls and refuses to restart, it tends to mean that the problem is often fuel related.
Owing to the fact that it refused to start the second time, leads me to believe that either the 'Injectors' or the fuel lines are blocked as there appears to be insufficient fuel pressure reaching the pistons.

The only other possibility is the actual fuel pump itself is not working correctly.

To replace the fuel pump is extremely expensive so I would suggest that you start with the injectors as this is a relatively inexpensive job for any mechanic and is probably the main cause of the problem.

If you wish I can supply you with contact details of some very good mechanics who may be able to assist you.

I hope this is of some help and comfort to you.

I know it is difficult. But try to pull yourself together after all it is only a car.

Yours sincerely