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Thread: Tikka T-3 Stainless .223. 1-10" twist accuracy test.

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    Tikka T-3 Stainless .223. 1-10" twist accuracy test.

    One of the prairie dog shooters that visited me this week wrung out my closeted Tikka t-3 Lite .223 with the 1-10" twist. I must admit that I was impressed! He brought along a Zeiss 4.5-16X varmint scope to mount on top and proceeded to shoot some impressive groups using Hornady 50 grain V-Max over H-322 powder and Rem 7.5 primers. All were around half MOA but there were a couple in the .25 MOA class for five shots; fired in 100+F degree heat. More impressive were 350 yard shots on grass obscured prairie dogs off of sticks, and one particular shot at 265 yards where all that could be seen was the face above the grass. He cleanly took the top of the head off.

    In all this member fired 260 rounds of .223 in 5 days and killed heaps of prairiedogs. His highly regarded opinion was simply that the Tikka 1-10" twist guns shoot. I tend to agree. Much less fussy than the 1-8" Tikka I bought the year before using the same bullet weights. No surprise there.

    Just an FYI.~Muir

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    350 yards off sticks, wow, the guy can shoot.

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    Pity, I never heard of the 1/10 223 here. Think she would stabilise the 69gr bthp? or would that be pushing it?

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    Sierra says 7 to 10:1 twist for their 69-gr MK.
    My 1:9 AR-15 shoots it very well. I am sure that is probably the weight limit, though.

    Fiocchi loads the Sierra 69-gr MK ammunition, and it is very good. One box will tell you, before buying bullets.
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    Get with the programme old bean, taking excessively long shots, off sticks, through grass, with frangiable bullets is not the kind of talk we like on the uk's, foremost, sub 80y, chest shootin' forum. We like a good clean ethical kill, nothing less will do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    Pity, I never heard of the 1/10 223 here. Think she would stabilise the 69gr bthp? or would that be pushing it?
    This might be a slip ...... I'm certain that the standard T3 .223 is the usual 1:12".
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinistral View Post
    This might be a slip ...... I'm certain that the standard T3 .223 is the usual 1:12".
    Muir mentioned the 1/10 a few times already, not sure if that is for the US market only? Although mostly denied however quite a few people are having accuracy problems with the 1/8 T3 or at least lets say they are quite finicky and ammo choosey. I thought it might be Tikka's reply to the problem. if I would go for another T3 223 it would not be in 1/8, rather 1/12.

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    I had the 1-8" gun and it shot 50 -55 grain bullets sub-moa well but that's about it. Nothing impressive for a .223. The 1-10 is a screamer with the 50 grain VM. So much so that I couldn't see switching loads. No. Not a mistake: it's 1-10" twist. For the longest time we couldn't get anything but the 1-8" guns. 1-12" were scarce as hen's teeth. I was shocked when I found the 1-10" on the rack last year. Now I can't seem to come across the 1-8's any more. All the Tikka's in the City were 1-10" twist and stamped as such.

    The 350 yards off sticks was sitting with the sticks in front if that matters. I don't use them myself but this guy swears by them. And that was nothing, you should have seen the MarinePMI making the wee rodents go meaty "POP!" at 400+ with his 20 Tactical.~Muir

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