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Thread: its great to be out

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    its great to be out

    hello all

    after a grass field had been cut the farmer was more than happy for me to pay the rabbits a visit .. i took the hmr and had some cracking shots the main patch of bunnies was still in cover he had not cut that patch yet so i was a bit disappointed but still managed a good bag on the other field

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    after a wet start to Saturday i did fear i would not make it out .. it rained here from morning to about 6 then the sun came back out i checked the forecast and it said the rest of the evening was going to be a dry one ..

    i had a feeling my hot spot farm would have been cut this week so that's where i headed.. as soon as i arrived i could see the lot had been cut yippee i new i was going to be in for a treat...

    i love that cut crop feeling every thing becomes visible again and you can spot things a mile off.. i slowly crept along the edge of the fields to my high seat here is where i stayed till about 9.30 but much to my disappointment nothing appeared...
    i decided to leave the seat and sit on the wheat stubble for the last 40 min this was the better choice because as soon as i came into the field i noticed a munty walking up the hill towards me i was quite out in the open at this point but i find with munty a lot of the time there in there own little world and she didn't notice me .. i got the rifle on the quads gave a quick OI she a paused and i took the shot dropping her perfectly with a hard hitting neck shot

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    she was beautiful a young doe i took here to one side and sorted here out after the snaps and got her in the carry sack .. i made my way back to the car it was about quarter to ten i though i would stay on for mr fox so i left some of my gear at the car grabbed my lamp and off i went.

    after some calling later a fox came from cover into the wheat stubble but was sat in the long grasses it took me a while to get a good id on him as all i could see was a set of glowing eyes ... he eventually came out of cover and i could see 100% it was a fox .
    he was sat facing me now and i soon delivered a 243 to his chest

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    a lovely evening ending with two shots taken and a deer and fox to show for it...

    thanks andy

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    crackin day out the harvest is in full swing theyl be showing more n more

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    Memorable evening, well done.
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    Get in Andy.................Be nice if some of the other members put there scales down and picked up the rifle Andy...what you recon lol,


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    A nice read Andy, I'm pleased you had a good time.

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    Well done! Sounds like a cracking evening

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    thank you all ....

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    good report & pics, well done!

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    Cracking effort Andy and super write up to boot, well done and thanks for sharing.

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