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Thread: Shared Ammo Storage

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    Shared Ammo Storage

    I couldn't find an answer to this elsewhere but forgive me if overlooked.

    My wife and I both have identical FAC certificates which is helpful. I used to have similar arrangement with my brother and dad before I was married 5 or 6 years ago. Back then on certificate renewal, the three of us were lightly reprimanded for "sharing" an ammo supply. Apparently we should have divided the ammo between us when bought, noted on our FAC certificates and kept records of who has what left.

    As a consequence both my wife and I have bought ammo and kept records. We are up for renewal soon. Conveniently we both only have one small box of ammo left each. My question is - is it ok to simply name each cardboard ammo box and the amount of ammo left? Or should each ammo supply be under separate lock and key? (e.g. in small cash boxes in the gun cupboard, space is not an issue?)


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    We share a store. Never been an issue, so long as don't go over one persons individual max holding.

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    Thanks. The police have just been and didn't mind that the two boxes of ammo were together.

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    I have just taken these statements from the 2014 Home Office Guidance to Police on Firearms.

    The first, 19.17, is for firearms and seems to make some sense, if you have joint use of a cabinet then locking each users firearms to prevent access/use by the other is adequate. I would suggest that two firearms holders using the same cabinet would be treated in the same way. However with regard to security neither firearms holder should know how to access each others firearms via key or combination within the cabinet.

    The second, 19.36, for ammunition is less explicit and just says keep section 1 ammunition in a secure cabinet away from the firearms. There is no reference to users or separation.

    19.17. With regard to shared security, such as a firearm and a shotgun certificate holder sharing
    a cabinet, separate security provisions to prevent unauthorised access to firearms once
    within the cabinet or primary security measure should be made. Devices such as lockable
    high tensile steel cable are suitable for this purpose.

    19.36. As a matter of best practice, ammunition for section 1 firearms should be kept secure
    and separate from the firearm. Although secure storage of shotgun cartridges is not a
    requirement of the Firearms Acts, it is recommended that they should be locked away
    separately for security

    Easy answer to all of this is separate cabinets then there is no confusion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muddy42 View Post
    Or should each ammo supply be under separate lock and key? (e.g. in small cash boxes in the gun cupboard, space is not an issue?)

    To make it easy for your FEO I would say 'yes'.
    On a matter of principle the guidance has no legal basis; it is guidance or preferred practice.

    There is no requirement for you to keep records of the ammunition you have left, only that you do not exceed the amount you are entitled to hold.
    Treat yourselves as individuals on that basis and you will be comfortably within the 'conditions of your FAC'.
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