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Thread: Fallow eating road rocksalt

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    Fallow eating road rocksalt

    Put some road rock salt down near one of my trail cams and it is visited frequently by the yearling bucks.

    You can just make the salt out by the date stamp

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    The father in law used to be a paramedic in Heathfield and said in the winter the fallow used to come into the rear yard and eat the road salt there. Much cheaper than a salt block!

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    The reds up north head to the road side in winter for the mineral rich grit and salt. Might be an idea to trial a repellent to stop DVC,s

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    Unfortunately the fallow along Cannock Chase do the same but lick it off the tarmac. The RTA's are horrific.

    I am sure they must do it all over the country north of Watford where the weather is colder!!!!

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    I will get some one to trial mixing Wolf piss in with it lol.I would bet that would have the deer well back from the road side. lol.

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