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    bit off the stalking subject but has any one had any experience with the ruag .22 subsonic hp rounds and if so how have they found the . up until now I have used remington .22lr subsonic but found these to be a bit lacking in stopping power and accuracy was not great .

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    Remington 22lr have always had a bad reputation for accuracy. Eley, Winchester, Lapua, RWS all usually perform much better. I may be wrong but I think Ruag are made by RWS so I'd expect them to be good.
    If you're really interested in getting the best from your rifle you should try a box of all brands that you can get a regular supply of and do a direct comparison in your rifle.
    Remember too that 22LR ammunition comes with a variety of lubrication on the bullets and a rifle can be a while settling down when changing between types.
    I always shoot RWS out of my bunny gun - very reliable accurate & consistent.
    Winchester sometimes goes supersonic in some rifles which have "fast" barrels. - Good killing ammo tho'

    Have fun


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    Many thanks picked up a few boxes of rws ruag .22 ammo will give them a try more expensive then remington but don't mind if the accuracy and stopping power are better .

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    The biggest mistake I ever made with my .22 was buying 1000 Remmington cheap at a game-fair. Perfectly accurate, but awful stopping power. I tried some CCI that were cheap and the bolt was very tight to close.

    I always go back to Winchester. They are accurate, kill well and are readily available.

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    ideal think I will have a good look round and try a few different manufacturers and see results for my self . cheers chaps

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    More .22 LR shooters need to try a mix of ammo in their rifles to see what really works. At 50 and 100 yards, you can really see the difference in the high grade match ammunition, and see how good your rifle really is.

    Chambers and rifling are different. Sometimes the cheaper ammunition shoots very well. An example of this is the S&W M&P 15-22, a .22 LR clone of an M-4 military carbine. They have tight chambers. Smith & Wesson recommends the bulk Federal LR standard velocity, because it is sized just like their Gold Medal Match. I shot Eley Tenex, Federal Gold Medal, some Rem and Win and CCI, and sure enough, the inexpensive ( pre-Obama ) Federal Standard .22 LR functioned and grouped closest to to the match grades.

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    As Apache said, Winchester Winchester Winchester! They are cheap (4.20 a box) and hit with authority even out at 100 yards and a little bit.
    I'd clean your barrel, buy some Winchester and dirty up the barrel with 'em. If they group well, done.

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    IMHO RWS for accuracy and knock down.

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    Winchester as they seem to group very well out of my Sako and that big flying ashtray takes no prisoners.

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    As others has said, there are better.

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