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Thread: Which rings/bases

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    Which rings/bases

    Hi, I,ve sold my Howa and rings and have a Sako 75 coming, on which I'll sit my 8x56. Which set of rings has anyone found too be the best ?. Are the QR ones any use ? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I just have the Sako Optilock bases and rings on my Sako A2.....I have a Docter Optic 3-12x56 in them and they have remained spot on since coming together.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    +1 for Optilocks - I've had two sets on my Sako 75 (1" for the Zeiss and 30mm for the IOR) and they are rock solid.


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    looks like optiloks then ! thanks.

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    Look no further than optiloks

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    I have 2 sako 75's and a tikka 690 all with optilocks the are solid

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    unless you can find the sak one piece base and ring set that jackson rifles used to bring in....
    Don't dismiss using alternatives to the optilock by any means.....there are plenty good and cheaper alternatives.....if you can get hold of the above mounts i would highly recommend them, as i recall they were 70 quid and made of ally....which itself is self gripping and mine never shifted.......ever!!!!!!
    Look at burris weaver style bases off ebay (xtp i think they're called)...and then the world's your oyster regarding rings!!......and it works out a whole lot cheaper if you decide you want a different scope as you just buy rings. The benchrest fraternity are using weaver type they obviously do the job and don't shift!
    Quick release are an unnecessary luxury on a stalking rifle unless you have open sights to use or storage issues.....or......if you like playing and swapping scopes for different applications



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    I was going to say Optilocks - they were made for Tik's and Sak's

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    Optilocs on my T3 but put a tiny amount of mild loctite on the threads for the base to ring bolt. mine were tight but worked slightly loose and you could move the crosshairs about a foot at 100m.

    Other than that they are cracking mounts for the money.


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