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Thread: 10x42 Optimate "Sniper" Scope - Mildot ret, Target Turrets, side parallax, sunshade

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    10x42 Optimate "Sniper" Scope - Mildot ret, Target Turrets, side parallax, sunshade

    A good condition Optimate (Edgar Brothers branded Japanese Nikko) complete with sunshade
    10x42 fixed is a perfect mag for a one stop shop rifle for target and quarry

    some info
    "Featuring high quality, green Japanese lenses and one-piece construction.
    The Edgar Brothers range of Opti-Mate branded scopes are established, tried and tested.
    They don’t claim to be anything other than great , hardwearing and reliable,

    Edgar Brothers limited lifetime warranty.
    - Overall Length: 350 - 355mm
    - Fast Eye Focus:
    - Parallax: Side Wheel (rare, most have barrel mounted parallax)
    - Turret Adjustment: Resettable External – 1/4”/click
    - Objective Outer Diameter: 50mm
    - Threaded for Sunshade:, 2" sunshade included
    - Matte Black

    Same scope was also marketed by other makers over the years:
    Nikko Sniper 10x42
    Edgar Brothers / Opti-mate Sniper 10x42 (UK)
    Lynx Sniper 10x42 (South Africa / Australia)
    Tasco Sniper 10x42
    SWFA Sniper 10x42

    All the same
    New these cost over 300....but you can't get them new!

    SS code number confirming "Super Sniper" derivation

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    Have you dialed much with this scope, are the turrets repeatable?

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    shot out to 500 and 600 from a 100yd zero using a bullet drop program on my phone
    wound up and down perfectly to same POI
    turrets have a zero set (loosen them, turn to zero when POI is achieved, tighten to set)

    I actually have had three of these at one point or other, have a 20x42 I am keeping, was using a 10x42 Nikko version of this on my 300wm until I replaced it with a 4-14 variable zeiss just recently


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