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Thread: Archer differences?

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    Archer differences?

    Is there much difference in between the various different grades of Starlight Archer? I know I was bloody impressed by the one I used a couple of years ago and now wish to buy one ( hopefully ) but don't know which grade I used ( or to get ) and wonder if there really is much difference between the lowest model and the next grade up or even the highest. Any help or info is gratefully received, thank you

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    It was one of the top of the range Archers you used mate

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    Thanks Colin, it would have to be wouldn't it. Do you know if there is a big difference between the models, I have wanted one with the same clarity etc as I used with you ever since. I hope you're well too, haven't spoken for a while, might have to arrange another trip a bit later in the year

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    Depends what you want to use it for mate , if i were buying one for boar only id get the cheap one , its good enough for close range , thers a few more speckles in the scope but not a great big difference between the lowest and highest grade if they are set up properly on a good scope
    Start on stags soon mate dya not fancy a day , i doubt you,d beat your last one tho

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    Haha yeah that was a moment I will never forget. I would dearly love another go, good company and beautiful surroundings with a spot of stalking thrown in for good measure. I have a trip down south to sort first but after that I will be in touch as regards sorting a 2-3 day trip out. Thanks for the advice on the Archer.

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    the scope will make more of a difference than the grade of Archer. put the extra money into the right scope for it.

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    Such as Gary? I tried one on my z6 and was amazed at the clarity. I was wondering if it would work well in conjunction with the March I use on my .223?

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    Only way to find out is to try it! I use mine on a pm2, parrelax's down to 10m, much better than the swarovski i used it on (which was excellent).

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    Get the cheapest archer, it will let you see, with the correct scope, batteries charged, wind in the right direction, out to 300 yards,
    i have used vx111 leupolds, AGS, the old ones, currently using a bushnell elite 2-16x56. Which is good. Also cheaper than the swaro, which is better but not as good as the S&B but cheaper.
    oh and on some the laser is better than the night master. It is a playing game.
    I have a cheap 3-12x44 on my HMR and I shoot out at 100 yards all the time. Longest kill was 163 yards.
    In reality do you want to be shooting out beyond those distances with out being able to identify backstops etc.

    depends on your budget. I am waiting for a nice z6 to come along at the right price secondhand.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    We have a demo Archer Gen 2+ Commercial if you want to try one before you buy. Main difference between Gen 3D and Gen3A is the quality of the tube. The tubes are all built to A grade spec, but if there are blemishes, spots, vignetting etc, then they are graded downwards, although saying that I have seen some Gen 3D grade tubes which are considerably better than some manufacturers standard tubes.

    Personally unless you are intending on not using an IR illuminator for covert surveillance etc, then the Gen 2+ commercial would be as good as you would require.

    Side by side, with a decent IR illuminator, the Gen 2+ comm would be a cracking piece of kit.

    Worth considering also is the new Cobra Blade, again we have a demo you can try.

    Buy Cobra Blade Inline Front Mounted Night Vision Attachment. - shop at suppliers Scott Country



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