Hello Guys,

Hope you are all well and Im please to have found this site.

Im 41 and live in London. I have just been introduced to hunting, my uncle in Ireland brought me out with him deer hunting recently in Ireland and I have to say I loved it.

I am now looking to go forward and need pointers that I can get, Im off to the shooting range on Monday to spend a few hours with Ian Spicer and im hoping he will give me some pointers.

from what i have been told from my uncle in ireland I should be trying to find a mentor that would take me under there wing for a while. I am planing to do my DSC Level 1 but I have been told that some practical experience would be of great help.

I am quite lucky as my uncle in Ireland will take me out whenever I have the chance to visit but that is not always possible.

I am also looking to apply for my Firearms Licence but I think I need to show that I have somewhere to shoot deer, can anyone help here?

Any advice and pointers would be most grateful..