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    243 load

    Ive been online for load data for my 243 using Sierra Game King 100g spbt, n160 v/v, and there aint a lot , does anybody eles use this set up with results and give me some data to start of with.Thanks

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    Go to VV's web site and use the starting data from the 100 grain Speer Grand Slam.~Muir

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    Vihtavouri have recently reduced their recommended maximum loads by a significant margin, as have other powder manufacturers.

    I have just looked up some 2006 records when I was working up a load using the Sierra 100 grain Prohunter (flat base) and N160. I don't have the full set of records, however I ended up using 42 grains of N160 that produced 2,868 fps mv (1826 ft.lbs. muzzle energy) from a 22'' barrel.

    This was a safe and consistent load in my Sako 75 Hunter.

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    I load 42 grains of N160 with 243 RWS brass and 100gr Sierra gameking spitzer boat tails in my rifle (1 in 10 twist) with good results for a few years now.

    I started reloading using data from the Lyman reloading handbook (49th Edition) which had a max load of 43.5 grains of N160 using 100gr jacketed BTSP. I later got hold of Vihtavuori's reloading guide (Edition 9) and this stated a max load of 39.8 grains of N160 using 100gr Speer grand slam.

    According to the data in the Viht guide I am using a hot load, but according to Lyman handbook I am still in the safe zone. I have not had any problems using this load in my rifle but this was worked up to. I would suggest you start off low and work up your loads to find what works well in your rifle and enjoy the journey of discovery along the way.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    Thanks Muir, I worked of the VV site based on there 100g spbt a week ago with a bad results, something wasn't right and stopped , asked a couple of friends who use the same and there results were fine ,think I might have been looking at old load data. Atb

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    I used to use 42.4 grains of viht 160 for 100 grain bullets, so looking at the other posts around 42 grains seems to be the sweet spot.

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    Thanks all, this gives me something to think about ,different sites giving data ranging from 30.4-36g and 34.4-39.8g,
    using N160 so al probably start with these and work up .Atb bugsy

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