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Thread: The adventure begins!

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    The adventure begins!

    I'm sitting in a hotel room in Singapore with my wife and kids on our way to the next chapter of our lives in the UK. Good bye to Aotearoa New Zealand for a while. I'm looking forward to finally seeing some of your countryside once we're settled. Had to use up all the venny in the freezer before we left - had an awesome weekend with mates saying farewell and eating slabs of rare cooked steaks in buns with chipotle mayo (yum). Bought a good new camera so hopefully at least I'll be able to take some good photos of deer.

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    Ah hope you have a safe journey mate and Good Luck in the UK when you get there


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    Good luck Hayden,

    Look me up when you are settled I am sure we can do something to help you out, drop me another PM when you have the time.
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    Good luck Hayden, I hope it works out for you and your family. The generosity and welcome your people showed me and a friend when we were over there as 18 year olds was amazing. There is a good bunch on the SD so keep in touch.

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    Send me a PM when you get settled as you are going to be in Newbury and that's my base. We can arrange an evening or morning out and intro to UK lowland stalking with me. Plus I can put you in touch with other people that can help get you into stalking UK style.

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    hayden where abouts in the uk are you destined for, atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    hayden where abouts in the uk are you destined for, atb wayne
    Thanks for the (second) welcome and kind comments and offers. True sportsmen are fantastic all over the world! I've got a teaching job in Newbury, West Berkshire so once we land (and sort out the bank account!) we'll be looking for a rental in that area.

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    You left NZ sooner than I thought you were H. Good luck with the job, and the climate . Looking forward to spring in the Ureweras and putting some of the stuff in that Alex gale book to good use (pengy_)

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