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Thread: Custom rifle makers

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    Custom rifle makers

    Who comes highly recommended for making custom rifles?
    The sort of rifle I am potentially thinking about would be a hunting rifle in matt stainless with a Mc Millian stock or similar.
    Was looking at PRS, does anyone have a view? PM me if you prefer.

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    Mike Norris, I saw some real craftsmanship last time we were in his shop.

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    depends how rich you are!!!...

    Steve kershaw at kershaw rifles based here in Yorkshire does some nice work......accurate shooters too and he isn't daft with his pricing!

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    Rhino Rifles in Northwich Cheshire two great guys and sensable money

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    You could even ask Redmist off this forum.
    He builds some fantastic rifles.

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    Did'nt see anyone else in the shop Jack, well not while we were there anyways!

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    I have used Steve Bowers, excellent work but takes a while also Richard Pope is very good.

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    Callum at P.R.S will make a beautifull, accurate rifle, but it will cost 6k ish and quite a lot of that is for his name engraved on the action. Redmist will make a beautifull rifle, that will shoot a gnat's danglies off and you won't pay for his name.........for a wee while at least.

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