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Thread: Roelander and his Blaser

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    Roelander and his Blaser

    Roelander was supposed to come over yesterday morning to show off his new toy and try to covert me to the DARKSIDE. But he had to cancel due to work . Then phones me can do later in the afternoon and had been told of a range in a quarry on a farm used by 2 local clubs and can I make it. So we met up outside Ruthin N/Wales and headed for corwen .We met the farmer and followed him up the top of the hill and came into a quarry and there was a proper range 100 mtrs with firering points and a bit of a shelter on one side . He charges 10.00 each and stay as long as you want . So back to the Blaser Roelander ( Paul ) got it out its a really nice set up in .308 . I then went and put a gong target up we shot prone standing and off quad sticks (A plug here for limuless ) mostley from 100 mtrs I found the Blaser was lovely to shoot and the handling was great . I then went and checked the zero on my RWS Titans 22.250 and 243 they where spot on .We then left I went to look for a fallow buck and only saw does .Paul is now off to stalk with John Robson this evening .

    If any one wants to check the zero of their rifle in north wales ( take your own targets ) if you pm me or Roelander we will pass on the farmers phone number. 2 clubs use this quarry once a month at weekends .4x4 off roading and trails bike riding is also avalible cost of this speak to farmer

    Will I go over to the Darkside maybe one day may the force be with you

    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Hello Mate, yes it was good to have a practise last night on the range. Fair play to Clwyd (Quarry Range owner), he's got a good set up. For everyone reading this thread, I spoke to the owner last night and he was keen to start advertising the the range so I said we could help but I need to check with the owner if he really does want to open the range up for public use first. For all of us in North Wales it's a perect set up on our door step, is very sheltered and I suspect he could do a lot of business if he wants us to push it for him. I'll just do a couple of calls this morning to double check if he still wants to go ahead but like most farmers, he needs to put food on the table for the family and it's a good way of earning extra cash for him.
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    North Wales doesn't have many range facilities and this initiative to add one is to be applauded.

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    he christened his new rifle so was well pleased.

    I used his light sabre to gralloch it. LOL

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    Haha - nowt wrong with the Blaser that's for sure. Not sure about my dodgy light sabre though.. think the next gralloch's on me John! Cheers for last night, everything turned out rosy in the end for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krabryn View Post
    North Wales doesn't have many range facilities and this initiative to add one is to be applauded.
    Bear with me Krabryn, I'm going to post an advert on SD once I get my Trade account sorted out on here. The range is a great set up and is run by a really good bloke who wants to put more into it. He's a hill farmer and needs all our support to get him up and running. He would really love to be able to pass this onto his son who has Cerabral Palsy. His son won't be able to go into farming but he could certainly run the range as a small side line at the farm.

    So watch this space.

    Best, Paul.
    Another convert to the Dark side

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    Hi Paul, me and a few others in the syndicate would use the range if you pass us the details on.

    Regards Scoby 270

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoby270 View Post
    Hi Paul, me and a few others in the syndicate would use the range if you pass us the details on.

    Regards Scoby 270
    Hi mate, give me a bell tonight
    Another convert to the Dark side

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