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Thread: Travelling with rifle to Northern Ireland

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    Travelling with rifle to Northern Ireland


    I'm after some advice as to if it's possible to take my rimfire to Northern Ireland. My cousin is a gamekeeper in enniskillen and has invited me to help him do some vermin control for a few days. My original plan was to take a shotgun then I could use his safe but I'm just wondering if I can actually take my rifle. I have an open certificate my only problem is where it store it? Can I put it in his safe if he puts his shotgun elsewhere or can it be put in the estates safe? I am not sure if there is a rfd nearby but I could check. Also I'm assuming that I cannot travel through Southern Ireland to get there.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Henry

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    I haven't got a clue, but am pretty certain that even a shotgun needs an FAC in Northern Ireland. I'd contact PSNI to be on the safe side if I were you.

    Firearms | Police Service of Northern Ireland
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    Hi Henry first thing s first why don't you pull up a chair and introduce yourself as all new site members are invited to do.

    The situation with Northern Ireland is or at least was slightly different and you needed specific permission to take a firearm there. If you look in the H.O. guidance to police document on firearms which is posted at the top of the legal section you will find details of what is involved. Obviously travelling through Eire is slightly different again but should be possible using simply your European Firearms Passport but you will need to check on that as that too may be slightly different due to problems in past times.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    If travelling into Northern Ireland with a British Fac, you still need a Northern Irish certificate of acceptance. This is free but must be applied for 4 weeks prior to travel. If you bring a firearm into the Republic, you must have an Irish visitors licence for that firearm. European firearms passport is not accepted on its own. It can be used however to apply for local licence.

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    Sorry il put an introduction up. It looks like it's more hassle than its worth. Is it any easier to get a shotgun over there? Thanks for the help so far

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    I recently moved back to England from NI so had to go through the process myself. You need to send in your GB licence with a completed application for a "Certificate of Approval', this is needed for Firearms, Shotguns and Air rifles. If your intended destination address has no historic dramas associated with it and you can demonstrate if required that you have land on which to shoot, you should be ok. I had no issues and the certificate was in my letterbox within a week. It does sound like a ball ache but isn't as unwieldy as it looks.

    However, when I enquired about traveling through the republic I was put off because that was an organisational nightmare with requirements of sending applications to each force area I intended to transit submitting licences and photos of the firearms I wanted to carry.
    Good luck

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