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Thread: Ruger No. 1 22-250

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    Ruger No. 1 22-250

    Here is a Ruger No. 1 Varmint 22-250 in probably 7.5/10 condition overall. Threaded ” UNF and comes with thread cap. Nice black walnut stock with good veining, especially in the butt of the stock. Black rubber recoil pad. There is a very slight dink on the LHS of the front end in the wood, but it’s literally a small dink about 2-3mm in diameter – hardly worth mentioning.

    Action is in excellent condition, as is the bluing of the action, the barrel bluing is good and probably also 7/10 condition.

    The hanger arm does not touch the barrel at any point, even under pressure, and the front tip of the forearm has a bedding block to provide the required front end pressure whilst leaving the rest of the forend free floating. There is no reason why this rifle should need further accurizing. Fine tuning a handload and adjusting(tuning) the forearm tension screw should (IMHO) see this rifle being able to shoot in the sub/approx.. ” MOA range.

    I fired this over the weekend with a basic 4x40 scope and factory 50g ammo, and shot 5 rounds within 1” off the bonnet, unmoderated, from around 75 yds. Does not come with scope though, but of course, mounts/rings are included.

    I would be confident in saying this rifle has at least another 1000 rounds of life in it, or more.

    Barrel is in good condition, I’m not entirely sure of round count, but the rifling is nice and crisp and deep, and there is only very minor pitting. No visible signs of throat erosion and the crown is perfect.

    Comes with Ruger blocks and 1” rings.

    This, of course, can eventually in the future be reballed to anything you wish in the future as the action for the No 1’s is one size fits all, and the front end can be replaced with another non-varmint style if you ever wanted to transition it from a varminter to say, a cape buffalo/DG rifle.

    Will add pictures later tonight or upon request, as I don’t have camera to hand just now.

    I’m looking for a quick sale with this rifle, so am offering it for just 400 + RFD fees. Sorry, cannot go lower than this as I was originally thinking 500+.
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    Pictures attached!

    I can confirm 1/2" unf thread.

    Attachment 45421Attachment 45422Attachment 45423
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    Almost weekend bump one wants to shoot some foxes in style?

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    any offers bump?

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    alright, 250 + shipping and you have it by end of week...argh..

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    You have a reply Sir.

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