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Thread: Yukon Photon

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    Yukon Photon

    I have a brand new, unused, never mounted Photon to sell. Bought in error. Looking for GBP 350 inc P&P.

    Please note that this will only be posted to the UK.
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    Is this the same one as before? Sale fall through?
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    Not at all!

    It appears that I bought two at the same time. I sold one of them when the legal hoops to bring it to Switzerland proved to be overly onerous. I was hoping to sell one to a friend but he has since decided to go for a drone!

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    I can voucher for Conor I had the other Yukon from him arrived as described

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    How are you getting on with it? I never got to look through one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conor1 View Post
    How are you getting on with it? I never got to look through one!

    They are a bit of a **** to get zeroed (could just be me) but cracking bits of kit. Ive stuck mine on a a 22 with a T20 IR on the side and its brillant.

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    Conor is great Man to deal with.
    I've used 3 bullets to get zeroed on Blaser R93 in 6,5x55

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    Thanks for the kind words. Bump!

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    Conor, I am interested in this. I'll pm you.

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    Hi Conor 1

    is the photon still for sale

    thank you


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