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Thread: First Roe buck('s)

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    First Roe buck('s)

    So my weekend of shooting really started last Wednesday night with an hour down the range with my .308

    A few shots and a few tweaks later and I was happy with my rifle.

    Thursday bought my 26th birthday but the real treat that I had been waiting the last 5 months for was Friday.

    5:30am soon came and kicking the wife out of bed and packing the car to be on the road for 6:10am to start the 280 mile trip to Scotland (Just anyway - Outside of Newton Stewart) With the best start being my wife drove the first 100 odd miles to where we stopped from breakfast.

    Anyway be time 11:30am we had arrived at our B&B - Fordbank B&B. Were we were meet by Scott who runs the place and sorts the stalking. It was decided that I was to stalk Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday night hoping to miss most of the weather.

    So all excited I only had a few hours to wait till my first ever stalk for Roe bucks (or any bucks for that matter) was here.

    7pm and I was collected by Stewart the stalker and we were off. Tonight we were stalking a moor. So off we went. 15 mins in and all I heard was deer.

    There standing in front of us only 70 yards away, with the only down side being it was a doe. We stood a watched her for about 10 mins to see if a buck was with her and would come out for a play. He did not turn up.

    Now at this point 25 mins in I had already seen a deer which on about 75% of my stalks so far I have not managed to achieve.

    The night went on and another 3 does were seen (all within my range) and then just as we were losing the light a buck came into view.

    We tried to get a close as we could but there was still 300 yards of open moor between us and he would not come to the call.

    Oh well, stalk one down but I had seen 5 deer so I was pleased.

    Back to the B&B for 11pm, quick bite to eat and bed to be up at 4am for the next outing.

    Morning broke with a slight drizzle but not a lot of wind so off we went.

    A farm this time. 15 mins and 3 fields later a buck was down a valley and 3 fields away.

    The chase was on, we had to go across a field and down two, to be in the right place for shooting and wind.

    The Buck had now come across a field so he was now only 250 yards away. A quick press of the buttalo call and he came closer but down the field s we kept losing him between trees.

    He finally came between two trees about 90 yards away.

    Click of the safety coming off, snap of the feather weight trigger, boom of the 150gr Hornady BTSP coming out of the barrel and thud of it hitting the deer.

    He took 5 steps forward and down he was, dead.

    I was over the moon, First Roe and first Buck. Smiling ear to ear off we went to sort him out. Well, I defiantly want him getting away as my shot was a little forward and took both front legs out along with the lungs and clipping the heart.

    Long drag back to the car but I could not care. By this time it was only 6:30am so Stewart said letís try for another so off we went.

    Driving to the other farm we spotted a pair of Roe's only 5 fields away from the first on shot on a big bank. Quick spin round, car in a lay-by and rifle set up off we went.

    Two fields later there they were 110 yards in front with no clue we were there. Once again Click, Snap, Boom and thud he was down.

    Nice perfect shot. We called it a day and headed back to the B&B. We were back by 7:30am with two in the bag.

    Wow what a morning.

    Sunday night came and off we went again. A few does were seen and a buck came running down a field like a train, disappeared into a hedge to make it through to the field we were in, never to be seen again.

    Oh well, 3 stalks and two in the bag I was well happy as these were my 12,13 and 14th stalks and I had only shot 2 munities before this.

    During the day we drove around back lanes staking with the camera and we saw lots of Roe (doe and bucks) even came a across 3 red hinds and 2 big red stags (pics to follow)

    So we heading back home Monday afternoon to then start the process of trying to fit 3 roe (bought one as another stalker did not want it) in a small fridge before fully processing them etc.

    Now Iím sat at working remembering the best week I have had in a long time and will always remember my first two Bucks.

    Thanks for reading and me walling on, now the pictures


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    Well done on your first Roe bucks and getting two in three stalks can't be bad .Great write up could feel the tension on the first shot Tam

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    Good write up and well done.


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    Excellent result.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Well done Michael, I enjoyed the read thank you.

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