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    I expect this has been done before recently, and if so, can someone provide the link. If not, then I'd be interested in current views on the best vfm moderator at the moment; ASE Northstar?

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    Here is a post I put up in another section:-

    I have had an A-Tec Compact Modular Moderator for sometime, for those that are not familiar with this moderator its construction allows you to remove baffles from the end so you can shorten and lighten the moderator allowing you to taper it exactly to your caliber or given task.

    I brought mine with the view of replacing the old T8 that I was using on my 223. I knew from the start that I would be removing some of the 6 baffles when I used it on my 223. I removed 2 baffles and found that it equaled the performance of the T8 when so configured.

    I now had a moderator that was lighter and more compact than the old one; this combination has successful accounted for 20 or so roe.

    If I am stalking on one of my blocks that hold red as well as roe, I tend to carry my 243WSSM rifle, up until now I have had a Overbarrel A-Tec moderator fitted on this rifle. This moderator weighs 500gms so is pretty light any way.

    I decided to try the CCM on the 243WSSM with the same baffle stack as I was using on the 223, I fully expected it to be a bit loud, as the 243WSSM is quite barky, but thought that I could always fit another baffle on to tame it. Much to my amazement it was equally as quiet to my ear as the bigger A-Tec moderator and the CCM so configured weighed only 385gms. To put that in perspective a T8 weighs 640gm, a Northstar 630gms a Jet-Z 520gms.

    I am not sure why these moderators are not more popular, perhaps they donít get the exposure of the others. They are very adaptable and of course fully strippable the price is not too bad either at £195.



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    Is that one a can on the end of the barrel or an over barrel moderator?

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