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Thread: Got me a .308 target rifle.....

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    Got me a .308 target rifle.....

    Been mulling this over for a while and quite liked the idea of playing at the FTR discipline on a budget

    I have a .222 so a .223 wasn't really an option
    the issue with the .308 is that you are up against people with 30" barrels and significantly higher MV's

    Not wanting to tie up thousands (or even hundreds!) of pounds in something that may see daylight half a dozen times I was beginning to think my options were limited.

    Then I stumbled across a 29" barrelled military mauser action with scope and target (sling) stock for an absolute bargain.
    Deal done. It arrives tomorrow.

    will receive the usual strip down treatment
    may restock it, not sure yet
    I don't like the current scope and mounts set up and have a set of mauser mounts and a 20x42 fixed optimate that I plan to fit to it.

    plan on leaving it as a 600+yd range queen

    now then
    question for the long barrelled .308 owners:
    what loads can you get away with using a 29-30" barrel that don't work in a 23-24" barrel?

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    I'm using 46gr of N140 under a 155 scenar in lap brass to good effect at 1000+ in a 26" tube if that's of any help
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    Not exactly what you asked, but some guidelines:

    Since it's known distance shooting, you want to minimize the wind drift. Basically get the heaviest, highest BC bullet your barrel twist can handle. Preferably some newish design (better BC for given weight). Pay attention to your shooting performance, i.e. back down on bullet weight if you experience recoil fatigue. Measure where bullet contacts the rifling and load longer than usual 71mm if possible. Accuracy aside, you want some room for the powder with the heavy, long bullets.

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    Reading the Target Sports bit in Spurting Wiffle this month, Laurie Holland talks about the angle of the Boat Tail on any round as well... So, not just a great BC required, but a longer, less radical angle on the tail.

    There's a small chart of .308 Match bullets in the article, showing bullets with excessively steep Boat-Tail angles:
    Sierra 180gr MK - 12.7 degrees
    Hornady 155gr A-Max - 13.5 deg
    Hornady 168gr A-Max - 12.9 deg
    Hornady 178gr A-Max - 12.6 deg
    Hornady 178gr HPBTM - 13 deg
    Nosler 168gr CC - 13 deg
    Sierra 168gr MK- 13 deg
    Speer 168gr GM - 13 deg

    At the other end of the scale is the new Hornady 178gr HPBTM with a 7.7 degree BT angle and Berger has always used angles of under 10 degrees in its LR Match bullets...

    "So, if your .308's barrel likes Hornadys and you want to shoot them at 1,000 yards, try the 178gr HPBTM, while the A-Max will perform very well at shorter distances."

    Hope this helps

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    My target-rifle has a 30" barrel, and I use an Australian 155gr HPBT bullet over a carefully-worked-up-to 46.2gr of TR140, giving 2950fps.

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    Great thanks
    might see if I can find a copy of sporting wiffle

    I have some 175gr and 190gr SMK's to try (think the 175's will be the best trade off between weight and MV)
    Already have some 208gr AMax that I use in the 300 but want to try and keep the velocities up if possible.

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    in my grubby hands!

    She's a big beotch!

    hand stop and double sling swivels:

    "Regulated by GE Fulton Bisley": (googling as we speak!)

    Unaltered Military Muaser action complete with stripper clip hump and flag safety (likely to be the first casualty!)
    drilled and tapped for a single rail/bridge (just picked up a 20MOA rail for a baaargain)

    Seriously chunky Target stock

    muzzle has a slight rebated end, approx 1 1/2" rebated by less than a mm
    wondered if a slip on muzzle brake might have been used on there

    Anyway, I have stripped it down already:

    It has an unusual adjustable two stage trigger which can go VERY light..but two stage....think it will be destined for eBay. found a nice Timney single stage lightweight.

    Action is tapped for the original peep sights (plugged) and also a Bridge Rail
    Flag safety is going on eBay too! replaced with a plain shroud
    As a range queen the safety is redundant anyway IMO, if the bolt is in it is considered loaded
    Have found a 20MOA Bridge/Rail for standard weaver rings, arrives next week

    It is bedded front and rear but the stock smells heavily of gun oil and has been soaked quite a bit in the past
    It will never see a sling in my hands so the stock will be swapped out anyway - not sure whether to convert my laminate thumbhole project for this or something else of a similar vein.

    will be test shooting next week with any luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    muzzle has a slight rebated end, approx 1 1/2" rebated by less than a mm
    wondered if a slip on muzzle brake might have been used on there
    I guess it's for the front sight, the rebated diameter should be 0.750" if my memory serves me...

    The stock looks quite shootable, what will be left of the rifle (and your budget...) if you swap stock, trigger, soon the barrel...

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    just realised its for the front sight too!

    It is very shootable. just not much use for what I want from it.
    I plan on shooting with a bipod, god knows how they supported 29" of heavy barrel with a sling and elbows!

    actually my budget will stay less than I paid for it
    Already have the scope so the one that came with it will go
    any bits on it I don't like/want will be sold to fund the bits I do

    Rail cost pennies
    trigger is on eBay as we speak at $40
    stock I will be making or swapping

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    Could've been one that Fulton's built for a customer back in the day... Give them a call on Bisley camp with the serial number and see if they can give you the history of the rifle. Could be dull, could be really interesting :-) I was at BSRC on camp this morning, so could've done it in person for you if we'd known this then
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
    "You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."
    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)

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