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Thread: 75g vmax and Ramshot hunter

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    75g vmax and Ramshot hunter

    Hi all.

    Has anyone tried the above .243 combination.? If so what have the results been like?

    Cheers all

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    I use RS Hunter with Sierra 70gr Blitz Kings and 100gr Pro Hunter and it is great.

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    Looking at ramshots load advice for it the powder weights are 44g-48g. sound about right for a 75g bullet head?

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    I have used this combo but found that RS Hunter, as posted elsewhere, is a very small ball grain that is a bit flighty when static electricity is around.

    43.8gr - 3126fps - 0.625 group -
    45gr - 3361fps - 0.625 group -
    46gr - 3367fps - 1.0 group -
    47gr - 3390fps - 1.25 group -

    These were in a Steyr Prohunter. Averaged velocities over 5 shots.

    You must not use these loads without working up and looking for over pressure signs.
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    I use Ramshot Powders in three of my rifles Magnum in my 6.5-284 and my 243WSSM and Big Game in my 30-06 all with brilliant results.

    With only my second load weight my 243wssm is shooting 3 shot groups with the holes touching at 100yds

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    Im using RS Hunter in my .243 with 58 gn vmax through my parker hale groups as well as my old h4895 load.

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    I was thinking of using Ramshot Hunter powder & tried to find a supplier --- Found plenty of Ramshot --- but no Hunter. Is there a scarcity of it? - I think there may be a problem importing it because of some of its constituent chemicals not bein permitted here. Can anyone throw light on this one & / or say where to buy it in Scotland preferably?


    p.s. I now have a supply of Reload Swiss & some H4350 to play with in the short term but it would be good to know.

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    RS Hunter is available from Henry Krank. Maybe they can give a name of you a stockist near you?

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    I was out yesterday and today working on a load for the Sierra 100gr Pro Hunter in .243. Yesterday I found I had two areas that I wanted to look at. The Min - Max from the manuals were 39.1 to 44.1 so I used 40 to 44 in 1 grain increments to see if I could get an indication on the area's that might work for my rifle. I ended up with a sweet spot at 41 gr and 44 gr so I concentrated on the 41gr working back to 40.6, 40.8 41.2, and 41.4.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Load testing 004.jpg 
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    As you can see by the pic above, the sweet spot is better between the first two loads ( 4 round groups) so I have now readied a second test using 40.6, 40.7, 40.8 and 40.9 just to confirm and see if it is possible to tighten it up a wee bit more.

    I also did a 3 round check group on the 44 gr and as you can see buy the pic below it was as the test the previous day and again gave a 1/2" group.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Load testing 007.jpg 
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    I am also going to test using 43.8, 43.9, 44, 44.1 just to see how things go. I know most people would be happy with some of the results (especially for hunting) and generally I am, but I just love to tinker and try to get the best I can out of my loads. I am very impressed with RS Hunter and will soon be experimenting with a heavier calibre using it.

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    Thanks multiman I'll remember them.
    Blunderbust did you do any chronograph checks on these loads? I'd be very interested to know what you're getting.


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