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Thread: Anti bark collars

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    Anti bark collars

    Hi gents
    my friend has a 12 month old lab who just doesn't shut up barking he's fitted him with an anti bark collar last week and he's been fine however last couple of days he's been yelping for no reason and lethargic , he's taken the collar off but the dogs still subdued has anybody else had any experiance of this ?
    Atb jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    We have used them and still do for one dog, its either that or the dog kennel in the sky.
    Have a look at where the collar was fitted because one we tried was faulty and left burn marks where the prongs contacted the skin.
    I trust the dog is not deaf or loosing its eye sight which may cause them to bark more.
    Have not had the problem of being subdued or lethargic, maybe there is something unrelated wrong with the dog.
    How's your end of the gene pool today?

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    " Burn Marks" are you saying these Anti Bark collars are the same as these so called 'Training' electric collars used by some to control unruly dogs ?
    I thought the Anti Bark collars were on the lines of a Hissing noise activated by the dog barking.

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    I can see this thread going South pronto when these electric ( if indeed it is one being used) collars get mentioned.

    My input is to ask could the dog have been stung by a wasp. Symptoms of wasp stings can vary

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    No burn marks I went over to have a look at him yesterday and checked his throat
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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