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Thread: Zeiss Scope Fogging Up Problem :-(

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    Zeiss Scope Fogging Up Problem :-(

    Has anyone had problems with a Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 fogging up?

    I recently changed all my optics, as I was fed up struggling to see the buck in the last few mins of light. I changed my trusty Meopta Binos (Meostar 7x42) and Nightforce scope (NXS 5.5-22x50), both for Zeiss HT kit.

    The Zeiss kit is infinitely better than what I had before in terms of clearly seeing deer at dusk. Quite a few times now, however, the scope (not the binos) has fogged over at dusk. In the very low light, the vision went to almost zero (me thinking the scope wasn’t that good after all, but it was really moisture hampering the vision). Now that I know moisture is causing the problem on the scope, I just keep a lens-freindly cloth with me. It’s strange that the scope fogs up but not the binos (Zeiss Victory HT 10x54), so I wondered if there was a lens coating missing? Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Fogs on the outside of the scope or inside? If inside send it back for repair but if outside seem to remember you can get impregnated wipes that prevent fogging, might be worth a try.

    never had this problem with my 2 zeiss scopes that I have currently (they are both duralyt though).

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    I echo what Mike said about internal fogging. I have a few Victory HT scopes including your exact model. The 3-12x56 HT gets used in all weathers and temperatures and I have found the Locutec coating works well in rain. I haven't noticed fogging to be an issue at any time.

    I wonder if it would be worth giving the lens a clean using some kind of cleaning fluid in addition to the microfibre cloth? Perhaps, some dirt, film or grease is adhering to the lens and the moisture is, in turn, adhering to that.

    I use the Swarovski kit, but Zeiss make a similar one. They are both handy to carry.

    If that doesn't work, and perhaps anyway, I would contact Zeiss support.



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    thanks guys. yes the fogging is external only. I will get hold of a cleaning kit and will also ping Zeiss and email (never thought of that!!)

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